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Skanda Mata Mantra – Goddess Skandamata Mantra in Hindi

Skanda Mata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri (September – October). Below you can find four mantras in Hindi dedicated to Skanda Mata. The four mantras are Mool, Dhyan, Stotra and Kavach. Goddess Skandamata got the name as she is the mother of Skanda of Kartikeya. Mantra dedicated to her is chanted on the fifth day.

Most devotees only chant the Mool Mantra.

A devotee can chant any of the mantras. He can also put them into any combination and chant. Like some people chant Mool and Dhyan or Mool and Kavach.

Mool Mantra

Dhyan Mantra


Kavach Mantra