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Story – Vidyutmali Stopping the Ashwamedha Yajna Horse of Sri Ram

The Ashwamedha Yajna Horse of Bhagvan Sri Ram was travelling through various countries. Majority of the kings accepted the authority of Sri Ram. The army that followed the horse quelled some kings who had caught the horse and challenged the authority of the ruler of Ayodhya. Shatrughna, Hanuman, Jambhavan, Sugriva, Angada, etc headed the army.  

While the horse was travelling through a vast deserted area, suddenly there was sudden change in the atmosphere. The atmosphere turned dark and mysterious and scary. The sun suddenly disappeared.

The Ashwamedha Yajna Horse was stolen in the confusion.

The army soon found out that Mayavi Vidyutmali, a relative of Ravana had stolen the horse. The demon had brought about change in atmosphere through his magic.

Shatrughna then fought with Vidyutmali. It was tough and long battle. The demon was supported by his brother Ugradramshta.

Finally, Shatrughna overpowered the two demons and killed them.

The remaining demon army returned the Ashwamedha Yajna Horse and ran away from the battlefield.