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Simple Navratri Pooja

A simple Navratri Pooja can be performed at home or even at your workplace. This simple puja is for those who are working and have other matters to attend during Navratri. You can perform in the puja morning or evening.

Keep a painting or photo of Goddess Durga. If not available you can simple leave a small space for worshipping.

You can start by offering a red cloth to the painting or picture of Goddess Durga.
The light a lamp.

Offer a fruit.

Then you can offer your prayers.

You can then chant the prayer - Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Perform this prayer on all nine days.

Light lamp on all nine days.

Keep a fresh fruit on all nine days.

You can eat the fruit as Prasad after the puja.

If not possible you can offer the prayer on any one of the days of Navratri.