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Importance of Darbha Grass in Hinduism

The article originally written and contributed by Sarma Sastrigal

Darbha, also called kusa or darbhai, is a grass leaf and is of great importance in Hinduism. Darbha is considered as a form of wealth and can cleanse us of our sins as it has the power to purify. There are several types of darbha grass that can be used such as darbhai, viswamitra, kusa, munja, sara, doorva etc.
Tradition avers that Brahma resides at the roots of kusa, Kesava in the centre and Sankara in the tip; and other Gods in the four directions – as in the case of a peepal tree.
Great sages like Harita, Markandeya, Atri, Kausika, Vyasa, Saataatapa, Yajnavalkya, Asvalayana and Apasthamba have eulogized darbha.
Though there are minor variations in the use of darbhai in deva karmas and pitru karmas, there is unison among all the Rishis in underscoring the place of darbhai in all rites and rituals.

The Vedas too speak specifically of the value of darbha: the acchidra section of Krisnayajurveda Braahmama is a case in…