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Dos and Donts While Using Darbha Grass in Hindu Pujas

Darbha Grass is an important item in many Hindu pujas and rituals. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while using Darbha. Below are the dos and donts while using Darbha Grass.

The tip of the Darbha should be intact. The grass leaf without the tip is useless.

When we take Darbha from a bundle, we have to do it from the lower/root side and not from the top.

When we set it down, care must be taken to see that its tip faces east or north.
The Darbha should not be placed on bare earth.

Darbha cannot be reused; or and if it is trampled it should not be used again.

Darbha grass should not be cut with our nails.

Note - The article originally written and contributed by Sarma Sastrigal. It is found in the book titled ‘The Great  Hindu Tradition’ written by Sarma Sastrigal.