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Importance of Milk Abhishek on Shivling – Pouring Milk on Shivling

Pouring milk (abhishek or abhishekam) on Shivling is an important ritual dedicated to Shiva in temples and at home. After jal abhishek or ritual pouring of water, the next most important ritual is doodh or pal (milk) abhishekam. This ritual is performed especially by those married couples who are not having children.

The popular belief is that Rudra Abhishek with milk fulfills the desire of having children.

It is also recommended for those couple who are having difficulty with conceiving second child.

It is also believed that those couples who had lost their child during pregnancy or still birth will be blessed with healthy children after performing milk abhishek.

The milk that is to be used for the purpose should be cow milk.

Another belief is that performing abhishek with milk and sugar will help in improving intelligence. It is said that this ritual is so meritorious that a dumb witted person will become intelligent after this offering to Shiva.