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How to find Shradh Tithi? - How to calculate Shradh Dates For Yearly or Monthly Rituals and Offerings To The Dead

Shradh is the rituals performed yearly or monthly to dead parents, grand parents, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and other relatives. Shradh, or Shradham, Tithi is calculated in four different ways. The easiest method followed by some Hindus to perform Shradh annually on the same day of death of the person.

The next method is to perform it on the same Tithi in the same Hindu month– date as per Hindu calendar.

Next method is to perform it on the same Nakshatra in the particular Hindu month on which the person died. If there are two Nakshatra is a lunar month, the first Nakshatra is chosen for performing Shradh.

Another method is a very rare option is to perform on the same Rashi – moon sign.

While choosing Tithi, the particular tithi should be there for a majority of period on the day.

It  must also noted that there will be tithi difference in calendars followed in North India and those followed in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

In North India a month is from the day after Purnima to next Purnima. In other regions mentioned above a month is from the day after Amavasya to next Amavasya. So you should specifically mention the calendar you follow while trying to find out Shradh Tithi.

Apart from the above dates – Shradh can also be performed annually during the Pitru Paksha period and Mahalya (September – October), Amavasi (No moon day in a month), Aadi Amavasi in Tamil Adi month (July – August), Karkidakavau in Karkidakam month in Kerala (July – August), and also on Vasant Panchami day. All people can perform Shradh on the above dates and there is no need to look for Tithi.