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Niralamba Upanishad Quotes

Jnana is the realization by direct cognition of the fact that in this changing universe there is nothing but Chaitanya (the one life) that is Consciousness, that if of the form of the seer and the seen, pervading all things, that is the same in all that is not subject to changes like pt, cloth etc. This realization is brought about by means of the subjugation of the body and the sense, the serving of a Good Guru, the hearing of the exposition of Vedantic doctrines and constant meditation thereon.

Caste cannot refer to the skin, the blood, the flesh or the bone. There is no caste for Atma; caste is only conventional.

Happiness is a state of being of the nature of bliss, having cognized through experience the Reality of Sachchidananda – that which is be-ness, consciousness and bliss.