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Book – Indus - Vedic Genetics – A Book Exploring Genetic Knowledge in Vedic Era

Indus - Vedic Genetics Indus Valley - Vedic Civilization written by Dr.C.P.Trivedi. The book explores the genetic knowledge in Vedic Era and Indus Valley Civilization.  

About the book from the flyer –

The book explores the background of Indus city civilization in the light of most exciting discovery of the decade, the DNA by Watson and Crick 1953.

The Indus Valley gene technology was much more advance. It reveals the fact that life has evolved from the single cell and DNA. It also reveals the fact that transgenic plants and animals can be developed. The rich biodiversity zones in India and Africa is its confirmative evidence.

The excessive exploitation of nature and nuclear weapon is curse for the earth. The Indus Valley catastrophe is its confirmation. The DNA is Light of Life with merits and demerits from generation to generation. The transgenic animals and plants can be developed for the domestic comfort, but it may create havoc also. The Genetic symbols explore Indus Valley - Vedic Civilization. To understand the life and DNA on the earth, the Vedas can guide further.

The book is published by Lap Lambert Academic publishing, Germany. The
book is available online on Amazon.

You can contact the author of the book through email - atcptrivedi @ gmail.com