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Dictionary of Vedic Mathematical Terms

Few mathematics and Sanskrit scholars of the Calcutta University have created a unique dictionary of the mathematical terms in the Vedas. It is the first Sanskrit to English dictionary on mathematical terms. The four scholars who worked with the investigators on the project are Rajib Chakraborty, Rina Dutta, Bulbul Chakraborty and Subrata Mondal. The Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, a wing of the ministry of human resources development, gave the project to these scholars. Times of India reports All branches of mathematics are well represented in the Vedas, Aranyakas, Brahminical literature, Upanishads, Panini's Ashtadhyayi and Yaska's Nirukto, the dictionary explains. It goes on to prove that most solutions that can be arrived through algebra, geometry and trigonometry have Sanskrit roots. Thus, what the world knows as Pythagoras' theorem existed in the Sulbasutras provided in the manuscripts of Boudhayan, Apostombo, Manaba and Katyayan. A large number of formulae devel