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Wife And Sons Of Garuda

Garuda, a prominent figure in Hindu mythology, is known as the king of birds and the mount (vahana) of Lord Vishnu. He holds a significant position in the epics and Puranas, symbolizing strength and service to the divine. His familial ties also bear notable importance, reflecting various virtues and ideals.

Wife: Unnati (Vinayika)

Garuda's wife, Unnati, whose name means "progress" or "advancement," is sometimes referred to as Vinayika. Unnati embodies the concept of growth and improvement, symbolizing the aspirational nature of life. Her presence in Garuda's life highlights the importance of continual self-betterment and evolution.

Sons of Garuda

According to the Mahabharata, Garuda has six sons. Each son is representative of different qualities and virtues, adding to the rich tapestry of Garuda's mythological narrative. Here is an expanded view of Garuda's sons:


Meaning: The name Sumukha means "one with a beautiful face."

Symbolism: Sumukha represents attractiveness and charm, reflecting the importance of inner and outer beauty.


Meaning: Sunaman translates to "one with a good name or reputation."

Symbolism: Sunaman embodies the virtue of honor and integrity, emphasizing the value of maintaining a good reputation through righteous actions.


Meaning: Sunetra means "one with beautiful eyes."

Symbolism: Sunetra signifies keen perception and insight, representing the importance of vision, both literal and metaphorical, in understanding the world and making wise decisions.


Meaning: The name Suvarchas means "one with splendid energy or radiance."

Symbolism: Suvarchas symbolizes vitality and enthusiasm, highlighting the significance of maintaining a vibrant and dynamic spirit.

Suruk (Suanch)

Meaning: Suruk or Suanch means "one who is good-looking or well-formed."

Symbolism: This son represents physical grace and the importance of presenting oneself well, reflecting an appreciation for the aesthetic aspects of life.

Subala (Suvala)

Meaning: Subala or Suvala means "one who is mighty or strong."

Symbolism: Subala embodies strength and power, illustrating the necessity of courage and physical prowess in overcoming life's challenges.

Garuda's family, consisting of his wife Unnati (Vinayika) and their six sons, each represents different facets of ideal characteristics and virtues. Unnati embodies progress and self-improvement, while their sons represent beauty, reputation, insight, vitality, grace, and strength. Together, they paint a comprehensive picture of the values esteemed in Hindu mythology, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded and virtuous life.