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Sant Dariya Sahib Teachings And Quotes

Sant Dariya Sahib was an influential spiritual leader in the 17th and 18th centuries who preached a message of harmony and unity among people of all faiths in Bihar. He was critical of the rigid orthodoxy of established religions and emphasized the universal presence of God, whom he referred to as Sat Purush or Anadi Brahman. His teachings stressed several key principles:

Key Teachings of Sant Dariya Sahib Bihar Wale

Unity and Harmony: Dariya Sahib's message was centered on the idea that all humans are creations of Sat Purush (the Eternal Being). He called for harmony among different religious communities, advocating that the essence of all religions is the same divine truth.

Rejection of Orthodoxy: He opposed the rigid practices and dogmas of organized religions. Dariya Sahib believed that true spirituality transcends religious orthodoxy and is about the direct experience of the divine.

Non-Violence (Ahimsa): Dariya Sahib was a staunch advocate of non-violence and compassion. He preached against the killing of any living being, emphasizing that non-violence is essential for spiritual progress.

Compassion (Karuna): He taught that compassion is a fundamental quality required to realize God. Without a compassionate heart, one cannot attain the divine.

Concept of God: Dariya Sahib viewed God as an indivisible, formless entity that never incarnates. He described God as Sat Purush, the eternal truth, and Anadi Brahman, the primordial reality. The soul (jiva), though distinct from God, has the potential to reach Sat Loka, the ideal divine realm.

Path of Sant Mat: Known as a Satguru, Dariya Sahib's spiritual path, Sant Mat, guided followers towards Moksha (liberation). He proposed two main methods to achieve this:

Jnana (Knowledge): Gaining spiritual wisdom and understanding the nature of reality.

Bhakti (Devotion): Cultivating a deep, devotional relationship with the divine.

Rejection of Rituals and Pilgrimages: He dismissed the efficacy of external rituals and pilgrimages, asserting that they do not lead to true spiritual growth. Instead, he encouraged inner transformation through meditation and ethical living.

Quotes by Sant Dariya Sahib

On Mind Control and Wisdom:

Control the mind to find Satnam; The subduer of the mind, has won the battle. When the mind is subservient to wisdom, The bliss dawns, says Dariya.

On Compassion:

Without karuna (compassion) in the heart, God can never be reached. Compassion is the key to the divine, and only through a compassionate heart can one experience true spirituality.

On Non-Violence:

The true follower of Sant Mat does not harm any living being. Ahimsa is the path to realizing the divine within and around us.

On Unity of Religions:

All paths, when sincerely followed, lead to the same divine truth. The divisions among religions are man-made; the divine essence is one and the same.

On the Nature of God:

God is One, the eternal Sat Purush, beyond form and never incarnated. To know God is to transcend all forms and realize the formless reality.

Sant Dariya Sahib's teachings remain relevant today, promoting a message of universal brotherhood, compassion, and inner spiritual development. His emphasis on direct experience of the divine over ritualistic practices continues to inspire seekers of truth across various spiritual traditions.