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Ramayana Quiz – 1

This series is more than a usual Ramayan Quiz. It is an attempt to understand some general aspects of the epic Ramayana.

  1. Which yagna did King Dasharatha perform to beget sons?
  2. Who is the charioteer and most famous minister of Dasharatha?
  3. Which famous Sage did Sumantra ask King Dasharatha to invite for the yajna?
  4. Who presided over the yajna conducted to beget sons by Dasharatha?
  5. Which ritual did Sage Rishyasringa perform for King Dasharatha to beget sons?
  6. Who appeared from the ritual fire conducted by Sage Rishyasringa?
  7. What did the Yajna Purusa hand over to King Dasharatha?
  8. How many queens did Kind Dasharatha have?
  9. What are the names of King Dasharatha’s queens?
  10. Who was the ‘pattamahashi’ or the first queen?
  11. What quantity of the divine food did Queen Kausalya get?
  12. What quantity of the divine food did Queen Kaikeyi get?
  13. What quantity of the divine food did Queen Sumitra get?
  14. Who is the mother of Lord Ram?
  15. To whom did Kaikeyi give birth?
  16. Which queen gave birth to twins?
  17. Who is the mother of Lakshman?
  18. Who is the twin brother of Lakshman?

Answer to the quiz is in the comments below


Ramayana Quiz