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Ganesha Painting Lindy Longhurst

This lovely painting is from Lindy Longhurst who has been exploring her creativity in the expression of mandalas. Her works include a series of 12 mandalas based on the Zodiac, a series of 6 mandalas based on Australian landscapes and a series based on the 7 Chakras.

This Ganesh painting titled ‘Remover of Obstacles’ is part of her Dream Series. Style of painting: Acrylic and glass beads on canvas.
From her website page (http://www.serpentmandalas.com/Lindylonghurst.html)
For many years  through much travel, exposure to different cultures and spirituality I have been exploring my creativity in the expression of mandalas.  Originally with  a background in  landscape architecture and design I now work  full time as an artist. My inspiration for my art is based on a strong connection  with the earth - to the natural elements, and an exploration into the conscious and subconscious worlds - via dreams and meditation.
My works include a series of mandalas based on the  Zodiac, Australian landscapes,  the Seven Chakras, and the Major Arcana of the Tarot.  All of  these works are available as greeting cards and are distributed nationally  within Australia. 
As well as this I have created over 150 Personalised Mandalas for individuals and couples and am currently  working on a series of  figurative works on  canvas titled "Dream Series". The Dream Series has proved popular with many  ages and is continually growing. There are currently over 280 images within the  series which have been reproduced into various products including prints,  cards, jewellery and accessories. 
The image is copyrighted to Lindy Longhhurst.