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Different Names Of Garuda In Hinduism

Garuda, the mighty bird deity in Hinduism, is venerated for his strength, speed, and role as the mount of Vishnu. Over time, Garuda has been attributed various names, each highlighting different aspects of his character and mythological feats. Here are the detailed meanings and significance of some of these names:

Suparna – This name means "with beautiful wings," reflecting Garuda's majestic and splendid appearance in the sky.

Khageshvara – Translated as "lord of the birds," this name underscores Garuda's position as the king of all birds and his authority in the avian realm.

Gaganeshvara – Meaning "lord of the sky," this name emphasizes Garuda's dominion over the skies and his role as a powerful aerial deity.

Sitanana – This name, meaning "one with a white face," highlights a specific physical characteristic of Garuda, possibly symbolizing purity and divinity.

Raktapaksha – Translated as "one with red wings," this name draws attention to the vibrant and striking coloration of Garuda's wings, symbolizing energy and vitality.

Shveta Rohita – Meaning "he who is white and red," this name describes Garuda's distinctive and contrasting color scheme, which may represent a balance of purity (white) and power (red).

Suvarnakaya – This name means "with a golden body," reflecting Garuda's divine and radiant form, often depicted in golden hues in art and sculpture.

Nagantaka – Translated as "destroyer of serpents," this name signifies Garuda's role in mythology as the enemy and vanquisher of serpents, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Tarasvin – Meaning "the swift one," this name highlights Garuda's incredible speed, both in flight and in action, symbolizing his ability to swiftly carry out Vishnu's will.

Amritaharana – This name, meaning "as he stole nectar from the gods," refers to the mythological story where Garuda steals the amrita (nectar of immortality) from the gods, showcasing his bravery and resourcefulness.

Vihangama – This name simply means "bird" or "sky traverser," emphasizing Garuda's fundamental nature as a powerful bird deity.

Tarkshya – This name is another epithet for Garuda, often used in Vedic literature, highlighting his connection to the ancient texts and his esteemed position in Hindu mythology.

Each of these names reflects a different facet of Garuda's divine persona, capturing his essence as a powerful, revered, and multifaceted deity in Hindu tradition.