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Navya Shastra strongly condemns Puri temple cleansing after American’s entry

(www.shastras.org) Navya Shastra, an international Hindu reform organization, has protested the mindless wastage of food by priests at the Jagganath Puri temple, after an American recently "defiled" the temple by entering its premises.

 "We are appalled to know about the mindless throwing away of large amounts of food by the Puri temple administration at the instigation of pujaris with a medieval mindset at a time and place where there are thousands of poor and hungry people," said Dr. Jaishree Gopal, Navya Shastra Chairman.

The organization is equally saddened and surprised that no Hindu leader of any consequence has protested this unconscionable and anachronistic behavior.

" Instead of purifying the premises, the priests should seek to purify their own hearts and minds, and, along with other leaders, set a positive example for all devotees," said Dr. Bala Aiyer, Navya Shastra advisor.

"Given the high levels of malnutrition among India's children, this act, assuredly without Vedic sanction, must be deemed unacceptable," he added.