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Sant Kabir Das Quotes And Teachings On Death

Sant Kabir Das, a prominent Indian mystic poet and saint, is known for his profound spiritual teachings and insightful verses that bridge Hinduism and Islam. His thoughts on death reflect his deep understanding of life, the soul, and the eternal journey. Here are some of his quotes and teachings on death:

Sant Kabir Das Quotes on Death

Maya mari na man mara, mar mar gaye shareer. Asha trishna na mari, kah gaye das Kabir.

Translation: Neither illusion (Maya) dies, nor the mind. The body dies again and again. Desire and craving never die, says Kabir.

Chal Kabira chal rahe, tu kaachhu na terri. Maya bandhan kaate, maro mitai nahin cheri.

Translation: Kabir says, "Move on, nothing belongs to you. Cut the bonds of illusion (Maya), and die without any attachment."

Kabira jab hum paida huye, jag hanse hum roye. Aisi karni na kariye, hum hanse jag roye.

Translation: When Kabir was born, the world laughed, and he cried. Live such a life that when you die, the world cries, and you rejoice.

Dukh mein simran sab kare, sukh mein kare na koi. Jo sukh mein simran kare, toh dukh kahe ko hoye.

Translation: Everyone remembers God in times of suffering, but no one does in happiness. If one remembers God in happiness, why would sorrow come?

Sant Kabir Das Teachings on Death

Acceptance of Death: Kabir teaches that death is a natural part of life and should be accepted gracefully. He emphasizes that the fear of death arises from attachment and desires, and by letting go of these, one can face death with peace.

Impermanence of the Body: Kabir often speaks about the impermanence of the physical body. He reminds us that the body is temporary and what truly matters is the soul, which is eternal.

Detachment from Worldly Pleasures: He advises detachment from worldly pleasures and material possessions, suggesting that true freedom and peace come from spiritual awakening and not from material wealth.

Living a Virtuous Life: Kabir encourages living a life of virtue and righteousness. He believes that one’s actions in life determine the state of their soul after death. Therefore, he advocates for a life of good deeds and spiritual practices.

Remembering God: According to Kabir, constantly remembering and chanting the name of God is essential. He believes that this practice not only purifies the soul but also prepares one for the eventual journey after death.

Reflection on the Soul’s Journey

Kabir’s teachings reflect a belief in the soul's journey beyond the physical realm. He often describes life as a transient phase in the soul’s eternal journey and emphasizes preparing the soul for its union with the Divine. His verses encourage introspection, self-realization, and a deeper understanding of the self beyond the physical existence.

In essence, Kabir Das’s teachings on death are not about fearing the end but about embracing the eternal nature of the soul, living a life of spiritual awareness, and preparing oneself for the ultimate reunion with the Divine.