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Dreaming Of Royal Baby – Meaning

Dreaming of royal baby is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be happy for someone else. It also means showing interest in unwanted news and gossips that has nothing to do with your life. Dreams of royal baby and you are seen giggling or happy means child birth in the family. It is also associated with surprise news.

Dream of royal baby and you wake up terrified or crying means you will see return of an old emotional scar. It also means people reminding of you about things you are trying to forget.

Dreams of royal baby and you are seen waving or taking photos or there is a crowd means seeing a popular personality. It also means accidently seeing an important person during a journey.

Dreaming of royal baby and you are disinterested in the dream means jealousy. It also means prejudice.

Dream of royal baby in your hands means change of fortune. It means better luck and sudden gains through new relationships with the rich and powerful.