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Damodar Month – Why Kartik Mahina is also known as Damodar Maas?

The Kartik Month or Mahina in North India, Gujarat and Maharashtra is also known as Damodar Mahina or Maas. Damodar Month is named after Lord Krishna. Mata Yasoda tying Lord Krishna to the grinding stone is one of the most popular legends during the childhood of Lord Krishna and it is believed to have taken place in this month. Damodar Month in 2017 in North India is from October 6 to November 4.

Lord Krishna was very naughty in his childhood and once fed up with his naughtiness Mata Yashoda tied him to a rice grinding mortar. This act of a human tying the Supreme Lord has a greater symbolic meaning – through this act Lord Krishna revealed to the world that the Lord will accept the dominance of Love and he can only be bound by the Love of his devotee.

This divine act of Mata Yasoda tying Lord Krishna to the grinding stone and him moving it around got him the name Damodar. There is a popular belief that Lord Krishna can be easily pleased in this month.

During Kartik month, people daily chant the prayer called Sri Damodarastaka, which is found in the Padma Purana. The importance of Kartik month and greatness of Damodarashtaka was narrated to Sage Narada by Sri Satyavrata Muni.