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Story Of Indra And Ants

Indra, the king of Devas, is known for his insecurity, pride and arrogance. In Hinduism, the story of Indra and ants shows karmic cycle being affected by pride. Indra once asked Vishwakarma to build a palace no has ever seen or even imagined. He wanted to show everyone that he was the greatest. When Brahma heard about this unusual demand, he sought the help of Bhagavan Vishnu to quell the pride of Indra.

Bhagavan Vishnu took the form of a young boy and visited Indra. He then drew the attention of Indra towards a group of ants. Vishnu told Indra that all these ants were once Indras. They had moved from the lowest form of existence to the highest. But when consumed by pride, they went down again.