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Dreaming Of Roundabout – Meaning

Dreaming of roundabout can be both good and bad and it depends on your reaction as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is positive if you are seen happy in the dream. It means you will meet someone of your wavelength or liking. It also means a new relationship. It also means choosing the correct direction in life. You will get choices in life. Dreams of roundabout and you are terrified or crying means you will regret a decision. It is a warning sign and asking you to choose wisely when there are couple of options.

Dream of round about and taking advice from a person means you will get into a romantic relationship. It also means you will meet someone without the knowledge of other people. It also means starting a romantic relationship.

Dreaming of roundabout and you are seen with a known person means you will develop liking or intimacy with a person whom you had known for some time. It means trusting someone blindly and later regretting it.

Dreams of roundabout and you do not see yourself in the dream means missing out on a good opportunity.