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Dreaming Of Lump In Breast – Meaning

Dreaming of lump in breast is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will enter a phase of negative thinking soon. It also means you are following lot of negative news or information and this will poison your mind and make you mentally weak. Dreams of lump in breast and you are seen visiting doctor means a minor scare regarding a health issue.

Dream of lump in breast and you are seen pressing it or fiddling with it means you will self-diagnose and simply worry about things that do not exist.

Dreaming of lump in breast and you are seen worried or thoughtful means someone you know might be diagnosed with an illness and this will get you thinking.

Dreams of lump in breast and you see red or blue color etc. means you need to avoid certain bad habits of yours. It is a warning sign about health issues.

Please note that dreaming lump in breast etc. mostly happen after an intense activity regarding the subject during the daytime. Such dreams have no meaning as it is just a continuation of daytime activity. A dream to have meaning it should happen naturally without any daytime influence.