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Navaha Parayanam In Hindu Religion – Non-stop Reading Of Ramayana

Navaha Parayanam, also known as Sampoorna Navaham Parayanam, is the recitation of the entire Valmiki Ramayana in nine days. The popular belief is that this chanting of Ramayana in nine days will help achieving glory in this world and the next world. It is also performed as part of sin redemption and to get the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Rama.

Normally, all 24, 000 shlokas are recited in nine days and the recitation comes to an end with Yuddha Kanda, with the pattabhisheka (coronation) of Rama at Ayodhya. Uttara Khanda, the seventh chapter of the epic, is not taken up for the recitation since it abounds in many tragic events and also ends on a tragic note.

 Reciting the entire Valmiki Ramayana is equivalent to reciting all the four Vedas in nine days.