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Dreaming Of Relapsing – Meaning

Dreaming of relapsing is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means natural calamities or unexpected problems might cause damage. It is a warning sign and is asking you to keep yourself and your house clean. The dream also means you are now filled with anger, negativity and frustration and you need to throw it out to achieve a peaceful and prosperous life. It also means you will soon get opportunity to throw away bad things from your life. Dreams of relapsing also mean you will witness weird things in near future. It also means returning back to a bad habit or bad friendship.

Dream of relapsing and you are seen doing something nasty with it means evil thoughts will over power you. It also means thoughts of destruction and suicide.

Dreams of relapsing and you are running away means you will get into trouble due to a past action of yours.

Dreaming of relapsing and you are happy in the dream means you will find a solution to a health issue. It also means you will have self-destructive thoughts.

Dream of relapsing and you are trying to get away means peace will return to your life after you show courage to throw out something which you were holding on to.