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Bhog At Kashi Vishwanath Temple – Food Offering

Kashi Vishwanath temple is famous for its bhog or naivedya or Prasad. The food offering is unique. The first food offered is at 3:30 AM after Mangala Aarti and includes whole fruits, dry fruits and sweets.

Elaborate bhog is offered in the afternoon at 1:30 PM. It includes many dishes prepared using seasonal vegetables, rice, different dals and several varieties of sweets and kheer.

The next food is offered at 7:30 PM and it consists of sweets such as pedas and ladoos.

A special kheer is offered to Shiva at 10:00 PM. The popular belief is that Goddess Parvati prepares this kheer at every night.

On the eleventh day of a fortnight (Ekadashi), no rice items and cooked food are offered to the deity. The deity is only served fruits and dry fruits.

On all Mondays, apart from the regular fare, poori is offered to the deity.

The afternoon bhog is offered to Shiva and then to Goddess Annapurna, whose shrine is located nearby. It is then served to Dand Sanyasis – the saints who do not ask for alms. The bhog is then shared with devotees present in the temple.