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Saura Yoga In Hindu Astrology – Conjunctions Of Planets In Relation To The Sun

Saura Yoga in Hindu astrology is the conjunctions of planets (Navagrahas) in relation to the Sun (Surya). Any planet occupying the 2nd house from the Sun in combination with one or more planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn), and the 12th house from the sun being vacant, is called Veshi Yoga. On the other hand, the 12th house from the Sun being occupied in the same way, and the second house being vacant, is called Vashi Yoga. If both the second and the twelfth houses are occupied by planets, it is Ubhayachari Yoga. In all the three yogas, only the five aforesaid planets are to be considered. Mansagari calls Vashi Yoga as Voshi Yoga.

The results of these yogas are good, if caused by the benefic planets, and ordinary, I caused by malefic. The strength of the planets involved is to be considered for assessing the magnitude of the results. The involvement of Yoga Karaka planet is good navamshas is more significant. A person with Veshi Yoga would be verbose, laborious in work and lean in the upper part of the body. A Vashi Yoga native has a good memory and a pious mind. Ubhayachari gives tolerance, strong mind, happiness and intelligence and a tendency to help relatives.

As Mercury and Venus are interior planets, they are mostly close to the Sun and, in many cases, these yogas are caused by them. The presence of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu though, does not nullify the yoga, but will generally influence the results. No yoga is caused if both the second and twelfth houses from the sun are vacant.

When the sun is with Mercury and Venus in the same sign, and if Mars, Jupiter and Saturn occupy the houses other than the 2nd and the 12th from the Sun, these three yogas do not occur.