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Dreaming Of Buying A Lock – Meaning

Dreaming of buying a lock and whether it is good or bad depends on the situation as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream of buying lock happily and feel good about it then it means you will soon make positive changes in career with a new job or self-employment or you will move to a distant location. Dreams of buying a lock and you are tensed or crying means you will try to hide something. It also means getting into trouble.

Dreaming of buying a lock and you see your home means uninvited people and trouble with neighbors.

Dream of buying lock in an unknown place means you will not have any control over a future incident. It also means committing mistakes or embarrassment.

Dreams of buying lock and you are seen running means a secret of yours will be exposed.

Dreams of buying lock and it is not opening means you will hide something and then forget where you had hidden it. It also means misplacing an important key.

Dreams of buying lock and you see it opening automatically means you will forget to lock something properly and this might cause some scary moments.

Dream of buying locks and they are changing color or you see colorful locks means better opportunity.