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Saura Purana – Contents – Facts – Dedicated To Shiva

Saura Purana is an Upapurana or minor purana in Hinduism. It has 69 chapters, it is said to have been narrated by Suta to Sage Saunaka. The contents of Saura Purana describe the origin and facts and different forms of Mahadev Shiva, such as the ashtamurti (eight forms) and the life and marriage of Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Accounts of the greatness of Shiva (Vishweshwara) at Varanasi, the Shivling form of Shiva, the Narasimha (lion-man) and Varaha (boar) avatars of Vishnu are given.

Besides, the hymn giving the thousand names of Shiva, there are shorter hymns on Shiva, Aditya (the Sun God), Goddess Vishalakshi (a form of Goddess Parvati), and Agni (the Fire God).

Saura Purana also describes different kinds of expiations, relative merits of different lowers used in worship, merits of ablutionary bathing, erecting a Shiva temple, practicing ahimsa (non-violence), different kinds of dana (gifts) and rules governing them, merits of offering them, and mode and merits of worshiping Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The text also mentions the greatness of Gaya and other sacred place, varnashrama dharma, Shraddha (ancestral rites) and austerities regarding Krishnashtami, Shravana Dwadashi, Ananga Trayodashi, Durva Ganapati, Pashupata Vrata and Ulka Navami Vrata.

A description of the Varaha Kalpa period, and accounts of the legends of Sudyumna, demon Andhaka, Sibi, destruction of the three cities of the demons, Kamalaksha and others, Upamanyu, demon Jalandhara, demon Taraka, the burning of Kama (God of love), Raktasura killed by Parvati, and the origin of Veerabhadra and the Valakhilyas are given. The events of Kali Yuga are forecast.

The different Manu periods, the lineages of king Uttanapada, Sage Pulastya, King Ikshvaku and kings Puru and Yadu are also found.