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What Does Dreaming Of Colors Mean?

Dreaming of colors is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. Seeing so many colors together in dream is associated with joy, happiness, freshness and something interesting in life. Dreaming of a single color is associated with troubles. You start the dream with lot of colors and end it with single color is a sign of loneliness and depression. It also suggests loss and a period of mourning. Dreaming of two colors means conflict and confusion. Dream of three colors means people will attempt to fool you.

Dreaming of red color is associated with intense activity in near future. It can be both positive and negative.

Dream of orange color is associated with creativity and spirituality. It means gain. There will be partying and exuberance.

Dream of yellow color means you will decide to make changes suddenly. It also means changing your current plans and opting for something entirely different. It also suggests happiness and hope.

Dreaming of green is associated with stability and progress. It also means you will decide to remain firm and not change your course. There will be a period of monotony. It is also associated with growth and birth.

Dream of blue color is associated with royalty and richness. It means success and honor.

Dream of purple color means luck in lottery and games. It also means you will turn spiritual.

Dreaming of violet color means mystery. It also means you will become suspicious about people. Enemy activity will increase.

Dreams of pink color means you will shed your strength and will power and turn playful. It also means you will make friendship with younger people.

Dreaming of brown color means you will decide to come clean and turn honest. You will accept reality and embrace the wholeness.

Dream of white is associated with a period of mourning. It also means stagnation and death.

Dreaming of black color means new job or new assignment. It also means taking up important responsibility and there will be progress.

Dreaming of gray color suggests a period of intense activity especially related to career or finance. It also means return of old memories or people.

Dreaming of golden or silver color is associated with financial progress especially through new found wealth.