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Jagran In Hinduism – Importance Of Staying Awake At Night

Jagran is a Sanskrit term used to refer to staying awake at night during certain nights in a month or year in Hinduism. This keeping of vigil at night is associated with important monthly vrats like Ekadasi and yearly festivals like Mahashivratri. Jagaran is also observed as part of certain vrats only followed in certain regions and by certain communities. Religious importance of it is mainly associated with Ekadasi fasting dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Jagran on Ekadasi It believed that those who observe Ekadasi fasting dedicated to Lord Vishnu should keep vigil at night and meditate on Lord Vishnu. Ekadasi is observed on the 11th day of a fortnight as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar. As per the legend associated with Ekadasi fasting, demon Mura attempted to harm Vishnu at night and suddenly a young girl appeared from the body of Bhagavan Vishnu and she annihilated the demon. Vishnu called her Ekadasi. Jagaran on ekadasi night is based on this incident. While perform