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Dhungri Mela 2024 in Himachal Pradesh at Hadimba Devi Temple

Dhungri Mela is annually observed during the Vrishabha Sankranti in the famous Hadimba Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh. Dhungri Mela 2024 is from May 14 to May 16. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Hidimbi – wife of Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers. The fair and festival is observed for three days.

The main mela begins at the Dhungri ground with the arrival of palanquin of Goddess Hidimbi from the Dhungri Temple and Manu Rishi from Manu Temple in Old Manali Village.

The palanquins of local deities also arrive at the ground to participate in the festival.

Why is Dhungri Mela Observed?

It celebrates the birthday of Goddess Hidimbi – she is the guardian deity of tribals and travelers. She protects those who venture into forests and travels through forests and mountains. Hidimbi is also the mother of Ghatothkach.

Dhungri Mela Rituals

Pujas and worship of all the important deities of the region in a single place. Other deities honoring Hidimbi Devi. Animal sacrifices are performed. Arrival and returning of palanquins with deities or their representational form.

Main Attractions

Arrival of colorful palanquins of local deities – people arrive in traditional colorful dress, local music and local food are distributed during the occasion.

If you are keen to learn about local culture, cuisine, music, art, craft and artifacts then the mela provides an excellent opportunity.

Local folk dances, including the famous Kulu Natti folk dance, are performed on the occasion.
Sports and cultural activities are part of the annual event.

Rice Beer
Locally brewed rice beer is served on the occasion. Other locally made intoxicating drinks are also sold on the occasion. There is lot of merrymaking.

Stalls are set up to sell local produce. Carnivals, local magicians and circus people arrive to entertain the visitors.