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Kundali – Jatakam - Horoscope of a Caesarian Born Child in Hindu Astrology

There are doubts among parents and relative regarding the horoscope of a caesarian born child in Hindu Astrology. Some clever parents have also started performing the caesarian operation after consulting an astrologer so that the child is born during the most auspicious time as per Kundali or Jatakam.

Horoscope, locally known as Kundali or Jatakam, is of great importance in Hinduism, especially for those people who strictly follow astrology. It is required for charting the future course of the child, how long the person will live, job, finance, his relation with his relatives, marriage, old age etc.
When a child is born naturally, there is no difficulty as it is considered natural and the horoscope is prepared based on that time. There is no difficulty.

During caesarian operation, there is lot of confusion and tension. Doctors and nurses might not be able to mark the exact time. So they give the time that they see after they have settled or make a judgment of their own. So there can be an error of 10 to 15 minutes.

So what is the exact time needed for writing Kundali?
The exact time needed to prepare astrology of a child is the time when the umbilical cord is cut. The connection between the mother and child is snapped. So try to find this time if possible.

Be careful while preparing Horoscope
Today almost all the horoscopes are prepared using the help of software. It is fine for various calculations. But make sure that the astrologer does not use software to do predictions. Future predictions of the child should be done by an experienced astrologer. He should use his intuition and knowledge. Always opt for a traditional astrologer.

Parents who try to get birth done during auspicious time are cheating themselves. If you believe in astrology then let the baby come out at the right time. You will then be able to get the correct astrology predictions. It might help the child in future. By trying to alter future, you might be shutting the door on the real future predictions.

My Observation - Please Do Not Drown in Astrology
Time of real birth of a child cannot be known by human beings. What we refer to time is the birth time or when the child came out of the womb. But was not the child alive inside the womb? So when did the actual birth happen. No one knows.

Your Child is Conscious and Intelligent in the womb - Stories from Hindu Scriptures
There are two striking stories in the Hindu scriptures that prove that the child is intelligent and conscious even inside the womb.

Abhimanyu listened to Bhagavan Sri Krishna when he was in the womb of Subhadra. Krishna was narrating various war strategies to Arjuna and Subhadra. Both dozed off. But someone else was listening and making sounds of agreement to Sri Krishna’s narration. It was Abhimanyu in the womb of Subhadra. Sri Krishna realized it when he had narrated how to break into the Chakravyuha formation. Krishna stopped the discussion. Abhimanyu thus only learned to get into the Chakravyuha but did not learn how to get outside. In Mahabharata war, he was trapped in a Chakravyuha.

Sage Ashtavakra was intelligent even before he was born and it said that he corrected his father from the womb when he chanted a mantra wrongly. Sage Khagodara got angry and cursed the baby to be born crooked and with curves. Ashtavakra had eight bends in his body.

Rishi Vamadeva states in the Aitareya Upanishad that in his mother’s womb itself he came to know the Truth, the Reality

Real birth of child happens at an unknown time. The child is very much alive in the womb.

Again as per Hinduism, there is no birth or death. We all spring forth from the Supreme Being and return to That. So what we call birth and death is a play of the Supreme Truth.

Again Time is basis of all astrological calculation that is again Human creation. There is no time for the Supreme Truth.

Stop giving undue importance to astrology and future. If you are reading astrology, use it to your advantage. It can warn us. It can help us to be more cautious. But do not drown in it. Being born in a particular time is no guarantee for being successful or unsuccessful in life. And please do not keep a person outside your circle or chastise the person because he was born in an inauspicious time. 

Knowledge of scriptures, hard work, determination, dedication, devotion and single-minded focus this will guarantee success in life. Nothing else.

Sage Markandeya was predicted to die at the age of sixteen. But his unwavering devotion for Shiva saw him defeating death and even witnessing the Mahapralaya or the great delusion thus living forever.