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Saint Poet Annamacharya eulogizes Lord Sri Rama as Archavatara Murti

Oh! Sri Rama! You emerged from the boon inherent in ‘Paramanna Prasadam’ during the sacrifice called ‘Putra Kameshti’ done by the royal couple Dasaratha and Kausalya as ‘Paradevata Murti.’

You are the sole monarch in your Suryavamsam who ruled the entire universe as Parabrahma Murty.

You are the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the magnificent embodiment punishing the wicked and protecting the innocent and the good.

You are the concrete form of Rama Mantra for meditation that always resides in the hearts of ‘Yogiswaras.’

You are the ‘Omkara Pranava Murti’ inherent in the Vedas, the Vedangas and the philosophical science.

You are residing on Sri Venktadri.

You are the first and the foremost entity in the entire creation.

Oh! Lord Sri Rama! Bless Us All with Peace and Prosperity

Sankeerthana – 169 
Saint Poet Annamacharya