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The Barber And The Seven Jars – Sri Ramakrishna Story

Sri Ramakrishna used to explain great teachings through simple stories. The barber and seven jars is one such story.

In the parable, a Yaksha offers seven jars of gold to the King’s barber. But the seventh jar is only half full. Greatly disappointed the barber and his wife decide to save money and fill up the jar with gold.

But in spite of repeated addition of gold, the magical jar continues to remain half empty.


Seeing his barber emaciated and distraught, the king rightly guesses that he is trapped by the Yaksha.

He then tells the barber, ‘The Yaksha offered me also the same jars, but I asked him whether this money might be spent or was merely to be hoarded. No sooner had I asked this question than the Yaksha ran away without any reply.

Don’t you know that no one can spend that money? It only brings with it the desire of hoarding.’
– Sri Ramakrishna