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Where to Place Hanuman Photo in Home?

Placing picture, or murti (idol or statue), of Hanuman in home is considered highly beneficial. But there is a confusion regarding position or placement of Hanuman photo in house. When it comes to question of where to place the statue of Bajrang Bali at home, remember the stories from Ramayana.

Hanuman is a Baal Brahmachari, or celibate, therefore his picture should not be placed in the bedroom or in a room that is used by couples for sleeping.

Taking intoxicating drinks and sex should be avoided in the room in which there is a portrait of Anjaneya.

The ideal place to keep the murti is puja room.

Hanuman should face south. All paintings of Anjaneya and those made from metal, plastic, clay, or wood having face of Bajrang Bali should face south.

Why South Facing?

When we read the Ramayana we find that the adventures of Hanuman in the epic happened in South like Lanka is in south, he went in search of Mata Sita towards south, He burned Lanka in south, and the battle of Ramayana took place in South. Thus it is believed that South facing Hanuman is more powerful.

It is also believed that all the negative forces coming from south will be taken care of by Hanuman.

Hanuman freed Shani Bhagwan from the prison of Ravana in Lanka. Thus, a south facing Hanuman helps in maintaining peace at home. There will always be peace and prosperity in such a house.