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How to perform Kumari Puja during Navratri? – Kumarika Pujan

Kumari Puja is the worship of young virgin girls which is performed during Chaitra Navratri, Saran Navarati (September – October) and Durga Puja. Chaitra Navratri Kumari Puja 2018 date is March 25. Kumari Puja during Saran Navratri and Durga Puja is on October 17 and October 18, 2018. The ritual is also known as Kumarika Pujan and is of great importance to some Hindu Communities in North India. Some people perform the ritual on all nine days and some only the Durga Ashtami and the Mahanavami day. Here is a simple explanation on how to perform Kumari Puja?

A young kumari girl is invited to the home during Navratri. Some people invite a young girl on all nine days. Some people perform the Kumarika Puja only on the Ashtami or Navami day. In rare cases some people invite nine young girls on any one of the days during Navratri.

The young girl is the representative of Goddess Shakti.

The young girl is invited a mat or stool is given to sit.

Then her feet are washed – this is known as padya…

Nabapatrika in Durga Puja– Photos of Nine leaves worshipped during Durga Puja

Nabapatrika, also known as Nava Patrika, are the nine leaves worshipped during Durga Puja. ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘Patrika’ means leaves in Sanskrit and Navapatrika is part of rituals during Durga Puja and is installed on Saptami day. The leaves are also known as Nine Durgas. Nabapatrika symbolize nine deities worshipped in Hinduism. The nine plants are plantain (Banana), Kacu, Turmeric, Jayanti, Wood Apple (Bilva), Pomegranate, Ashoka, Arum and Rice Paddy or Dhanya. Here are the photos of the nine plants with the Goddess each plant represents:
Banana or Plantain - Goddess Brahmini
Plantain or Banana Tree symbolically represents Goddess Brahmani. In rituals plantain is referred as Rambha.
Kacu - Goddess Kalika Kacu or Kachu symbolically represents Goddess Kali or Kalika. This plant has an edible root and is scientifically known as Colocasia Indica.
Turmeric - Goddess Durga

Turmeric Plant also known as Haridra or Halud represents Goddess Durga.
Jayanti Plant - Goddess Kartiki Jayanti repre…

Mahasaptami – Durga Puja Saptami

Mahasaptami, or Durga Puja Saptami, is observed on the seventh day of the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in Aashin, or Aswhina month. Durga Puja Saptami 2017 date is September 27. Pran Prathishta, Kolabou, Bodhan are the most important rituals performed on the day.

During dawn, just as the first light of sun descents on earth, Kolabau or Kola Bou rituals are performed. The Pran Prathishta, or life, is breathed into the idol of Goddess Durga. The ritual is performed on the Ghats of a river or pond. The idol of Goddess Durga is not taken to the pond instead life is symbolically transferred from water to plantain tree.

The Kolabau ritual is an elaborate one and the stem of the banana tree is draped in a new red and white saree and the leaves are left uncovered.

The ‘kolabau’ is brought back in a procession and it is placed near Lord Ganesha in the Durga Puja Pandal.

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Sashti Viratham Date in November 2017 – Monthly Fasting for Hindu God Muruga in November 2017

Sashti Viratham, or Shashti fasting, is a monthly fasting dedicated to Hindu God Muruga. Sashti Viratham November 2017 date is November 24

Sashti Vratam falls on the sixth day after Amavasi (no moon) in a traditional Hindu calendar.
Shasti Fasting is considered highly auspicious and many Muruga devotees observe a 24-hour fast, while some take a single meal on the day.
Lord Muruga is also known as Skanda, Shanmugha and Subramanian. In North India, Lord Muruga is known as Kartik or Kartikeya.

Problems melt when dreams are fulfilled

Thousands will tell us we cannot do it. Ignore them. Because we believe, we can do it.

Do not stop until you have achieved your goal. There will be people to stop you.

A new goal can be set at any age.

Stop only when you have reached the destination. Do not stop because you are tired.

If you want to be something then you should be prepared to face criticism.

Problems will always be there. Keep it aside and concentrate on your dreams.
Problems melt when dreams are fulfilled.