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Devi Patan Mandir Tulsipur near Balrampur – Ma Devi Patan Temple

Devi Patan Mandir is a popular Shaktipeetha, located at Tulsipur near Balrampur, in Uttar Pradesh. Ma Devi Patan Temple was established by Yogi Gorakshanathji and was renovated by King Vikramaditya. This very ancient shrine is on the banks of Siriya River. The temple is very popular with Hindus in Nepal.

As per historical evidences, whenever Muslim invaders tried to ransack the temple they met with death. Honeybees killed Meer Samar sent by Aurangzeb for destroying the shrine.

It is widely believed that it is at this spot Mata Sita prayed to Mother Earth to take her back. Mother Earth split up and took her in here.

The main deity worshipped in the temple is known as Pateshwari and the place is Devi Patan. She is also known as Ma Pataleshwar.

Legend has it that the Patambervastra of Ma Jagadamba fell here, so the word Patan was added with Devi, derived from Devi Sati’s Pat-paat-vastra. The legend is associated with the self-immolation of Goddess Sati at Daksha yajna.

Legend has it that Karna and Lord Parashuram performed intense meditation here.

Some of the important holy spots in the temple complex are Patal Chabutra, Navadurga murtis, Akandha Deep Jyoti, Murti of Maa Durga, Bal Devi Murti, Kalika Temple, Murti of Annapurna and Bhairav Temple.

There is also a huge pond in the temple premises.

The most important festival here is Navratri.

Performing Mundan here is considered highly meritorious.