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Ballal Vinayak Form of Ganesha

Ballal Vinayak is the form of Ganesh worshipped at Pali in Maharashtra, which is one among the Ashta Vianayaka Temples in Maharashtra. The name Ballal Vinayak is the result of a boon given by Ganesha to child Ballala whose unwavering devotion resulted in Ganesh appearing to rescue him. Ganesha promised Ballal that from then onwards his name will be taken before him. The murti worshipped is also known as Ballalesvara Vinayak and Ballala Vinayaka.

Ballal Vinayak represents strength.

Legend has it that young Ballala was an ardent devotee of Ganesha. He and his friends used to worship Ganesha. Once Ballal and friends went to forest and worshiped a huge stone murti of Ganesh.

The parents of other children complained to Ballal’s father that his son was making their children lazy by always worshiping Ganesha deep in forest.

Fed up with constant complaints, Ballal’s father went to forest and found Ballal and his friends in deep meditation. Seeing Ballal’s father approaching all the children ran away. Ballal sat their meditating. This angered the father who beat him up and broke the murti of Ganesha. He also tied Ballal to a tree and challenged him saying he wanted to see whether his God will come and rescue him.

Ballal continued with his prayers and Ganesha soon appeared before him and rescued him.

Ganesha gave the boon to Ballal that his name will be always taken before Vinayaka.

Ballal Vinayaka is worshiped at the famous Pali Ganesha Temple. There is also a murti of Ballal Vinayaka at the famous Moregaon Temple.

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