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Goddess Madduramma

Goddess Madduramma is a manifestation of mother goddess that is worshipped in  South India , especially in Karnataka. She protects people from all forms of dangers and ushers in peace and prosperity. She is village deity and personal god of many families in Karnataka. Popular temples dedicated to Maduramma are located in Huskur, Mysore , Maddur and Bangalore . Certain Madduramma Temples conduct annual fire walking ritual which attracts thousands of people. Origin and legend regarding Goddess Madduramma are very sketchy. Related Why most villages in South India have a Mariamman Temple ?

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Quiz

This Bhagavad Gita Quiz is based on the fourth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. The intend of the quiz is to understand few important teachings in the fourth chapter of the Gita. The questions might be tough. The aim of the quiz is to study Gita. You can use Bhagavad Gita in your home to find answers as this will help you in understanding Gita more. The title of the chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita is  Jnana Karma Samnyasa Yoga  Karma Yoga  Samkhya Yoga  Karma Samnyasa Yoga  Krishna says that at the very beginning of creation He imparted the knowledge of Vedas to  Brahma  Shiva  Surya  Manu  Which of the following statement is not from Chapter 4 of Gita?  Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, and a rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself.  For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.  Many births of mine have passed and mine too, O Arjuna! I know all of

Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj on Liberation

Mukti or liberation means to be freed. To be freed from what? From the body and the world. Liberation takes place when one is freed from the body and the world. There is a strong relationship between this body (of ours) and the world. Our body is made up of precisely those very elements of which the world is made as well. There are as many layers or levels of the world such as the gross layer, the subtle or astral layer, etc as there are in this body. This body is called pind or microcosm and the world is called the brahmaand or the macrocosm. At a given point of time a person remains or lives at the same level of the world as at the layer of the body in which he is living currently. Similarly, if one leaves or rises above any layer of the pind or body, he also transcends the corresponding layer of the brahmaand or world. Thus, it is known that if one can transcend all the levels of his/her body, he can transcend all the levels of the world as well.