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Vasudeva – Meaning of Sri Krishna’s Name Vasudev

Vasudeva, or Vasudev, is one among the numerous names of God Vishnu. It is popularly used to refer to Sri Krishna. Vasudev was also one of the names given to Krishna during the naming ceremony. Meaning of Vasudeva is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana.

Vasudev means one who resides in all objects and bestows them with splendor.

Vishnu Purana states:

He who is Prime and Greater than the greatest, who is the Supreme Soul resident in himself – who cannot be differentiated by form, color etc., who is without deterioration or destruction, and without birth, growth and dissolution; who can only be asserted as existing – is called by the learned as Vasudeva, in consequence of his existing everywhere and in all objects.

Naming of Sri Krishna as Vasudev: As the infant was of dark complexion the first name that was given to the baby was Krishna. He was also given the name Vasudeva by Sage Garga.