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Story Of Asvasena Naga And Arjuna In Mahabharata

Asvasena Naga was a serpent that lived in the Khandava forest in the Mahabharata. This snake was the son of Takshaka and he tried to get away from the Khandava forest when it was burned down by Agni with the help of Arjuna. When Agni attempted to burn Khandava forest, Indra tried to extinguish the fire using rain. Arjuna built a canopy using arrows to help Arjuna.

Asvasena Naga tried to escape from the forest when Agni was swallowing it. Arjuna tried to stop Asvasena using arrows.

The naga then took his mother’s help. To save the naga, she swallowed him. But Arjuna cut off her head. Indra who witnessed this sent a cyclone that caused Arjuna to faint.

While Arjuna was unconscious, Asvasena escaped from the Khandava forest.

On waking, Arjuna cursed Asvasena that he will never get refuge anywhere in the world.

Asvasena and Arjuna continued to be enemies and in the great Kurukshetra battle in the Mahabharata, the naga helped Kauravas.

When Arjuna and Karna were engaged in war, Asvasena hid inside the nagastra that was aimed at Arjuna by Karna. The nagastra missed Arjuna and it his headgear – thanks to Krishna who lowered the chariot at the right moment.

When Asavasena returned back, Karna declined to take him back.

An angry Asvasena then attacked Arjuna directly and was killed in the battle.