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Historical Connection Between Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple And Tirupati Balaji Temple

The historical connection between Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple and Tirupati Balaji Temple is indeed deeply rooted in a significant event during the invasion of Mohammed bin Tuglaq. When Srirangam faced invasion, Pillailogachariyar, a revered Vaishnavite saint, played a crucial role in safeguarding the processional deities of Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple. He ensured their protection by transporting them to the Tirupati Temple, where they found refuge.

For over two decades, the idols of Lord Namperumal, Goddess Sridevi, and Sri Bhoodevi remained safely housed within the sacred precincts of the Tirupati Temple. This act of sanctuary provided by the Tirupati Temple during a tumultuous period in Srirangam's history was crucial in preserving the sanctity and heritage of the Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple.

In recognition and gratitude for this invaluable protection, the authorities of Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam, established a tradition. Every year, during the Tamil month of 'Aani' (mid-June to mid-July), they send holy dresses, known as "holy vastrams," to the Tirupati Temple. This act serves as a poignant commemoration of the historical event and stands as a symbol of the enduring bond between the two temples.

The exchange of holy vastrams not only honors the past but also strengthens the spiritual and cultural ties between Srirangam and Tirupati. It symbolizes the mutual respect, solidarity, and shared devotion to the divine that transcends boundaries of time and space, reaffirming the eternal connection between these two sacred sites in the hearts of devotees.