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Dharmaveer Bharati’s Andhayug – On What Happened after the great Mahabharata War

The play ‘Andhayug’ by Dharmaveer Bharati (1926 – 1997) deals with the atrocities and moral devastation brought by the Mahabharata war. The war brought depression, hopelessness, frustration and guilt in those who survived the war. Andhayug is a milestone in Indian Theater and is written in Hindi.

The play narrates the inner conflicts in the mind of Lord Krishna and other important participants in the war. Andhayug starts on the last day of the Mahabharata War and ends with Lord Krishna leaving the earth. The play is written in Hindi.

One of the striking scenes in Andhayug is Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, cursing Lord Krishna for not stopping the war. Krishna accepts the curse stating that during the eighteen day war it was I who died hundreds of times and it was I who got injured hundreds of times.