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Spiritual Books by Sri Sri Ravishankar

Several published books of Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Art of Living, are casual discourses to seekers in different parts of the world and contain practical solutions for everyday problems. But many of the thoughts are revolutionary in nature. Most of the books are pregnant with meaning and written in simple language.

Most of the books of Sri Sri Ravishankar have been translated into various regional languages in India including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. German and Spanish translations of the books are available online.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Books

  • An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker – Volume 1 to 7 – Each book in the volume consists of discourses by Sri Sri Ravishankar in a year. There are total seven books. The first volume from June 21 1995 to June 13 1996 and the seventh from July 12, 2001 to July 11, 2002. Pearls of wisdom offered in the volumes help to overcome several issues in daily life. Anne Elixhauser and Bill Hayden are the compilers.

  • Celebrating Silence - Excerpts from Five Years of Weekly Knowledge 1995-2000. The discourses are organized by theme - doubt, fear, love, enlightenment, God and dispassion. Anne Elixhauser and Bill Hayden are the editors.

  • Celebrating Love – This is also a compilation of weekly knowledge on themes. Anne Elixhauser and Bill Hayden are the editors. It can be said as a second part of Celebrating Silence.

  • Waves of Beauty – A series of talks by Sri Sri Ravishankar on beauty and love, innocence, gratitude, wakefulness, shyness, celebration, the senses, pride and luck.

  • Wisdom for the New Millennium – A series of talks. How to increase human values in children and society, defeat depression, anxiety, and negative emotions, develop harmonious relationships, and live a happier, richer, life are main themes.

  • God Loves Fun – A series of talks and topics include God Loves Fun, The Nature of God, True Intimacy, Four Approaches to Practical and Spiritual Life, Dealing with Feelings, Real Laughter, and Being a Fool. The book is edited by Ceci Balmer and Laura Weinberg. Truly and uplifting experience.

  • Bang on the Door – A collection of talks by Sri Sri Ravishankar. Grace, true intimacy, being connected to God, love and innocence are themes dealt. Don't Move An Inch – a poem by Sri Sri – is included in the book.

  • Hinduism and Christianity – As the name indicates, Sri Sri Ravishankar explores the similarities between the two religions in the book.

  • Narada Bhakti Sutra – A commentary on Sage Narada’s 28 Bhakti Sutras by Sri Sri Ravishankar.

A book named ‘Be a Witness’ is mentioned in Amazon but no other information. Another book ‘The Story of Ho': Autobiography of the Spiritual Journey of Yogadhi Prajna’ is also listed with Yogadhi Prajna as the author of the book and Judith Champion and Sri Sri Ravishankar as editors.

The price of the books range from $12 to $5. Majority of the books can be purchased online from Art of living bookstore and Amazon.