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Ganga by Julian Crandall Hollick

River Ganga is in danger of dying - but if the river dies, will Goddess Ganga too die? The question took journalist Julian Crandall Hollick on an extraordinary journey on the River Ganga – starting at Gaumukh, going down the Himalayas, past the great cities on the its banks and finally to Sagar Island where the river meets the sea. The book Ganga by Julian Crandall Hollick talks about the sacred Ganga and the exploited Ganga.

Julian Crandall Hollick is an award-winning producer and writer of radio documentaries and is co-founder of Independent Broadcasting Associates, Inc., a non-profit media production company based in Massachusetts.

Through his journey, Crandall Hollick looks at all the issues Ganga faces: from the Tehri dam which diverts most of her source water to create electricity for Delhi to the Farakka barrage which has wrecked havoc in the villages in Bengal; from Kanpur where the river is at its most polluted to Varanasi, next door, where millions take their holy dip oblivious to the filth.

Along the way he encounters priests and pilgrims, dacoits and dolphins; the fishermen who subsist on the river and the villagers whose lives have been destroyed by her. He finds that popular devotion to Ganga is stronger and blinder than ever and it is putting her at risk. (India Research Press)


Soon Ganga River Might Not Reach the Sea