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One Month Rejuvenation Treatment of Guruvayur Temple Elephants

The elephants in the Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur undergo a rejuvenation treatment in the month of July. The rejuvenation camp is at the Guruvayur Punathur Aana Kota, a sprawling 18-acre area. At present there are 64 elephants under the Guruvayur Temple trust and most of them were donated by devotees.

The rejuvenation camp is monitored by famous Kerala elephant physicians and vetenary doctors. Special diet, Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are part of the camp. The famous Ayurvedic medicine chavanprash is given to the elephants. Nearly one million rupees is spent for the month long rejuvenation treatment.

The Guruvayur Temple elephants are strictly only used for temple rituals. They also partake in festivals and rituals in other temples. Nearly six elephants are needed for the various rituals in the temple daily.

Sheeveli is an important ritual performed daily in the temple. In Sheeveli, the Lord Krishna idol is taken around the temple on the top of an elephant.