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Jai Jagannath – Film based on Lord Jagannath’s attempt to end caste discrimination

Jai Jagannath based on the story of Lord Jagannath was released on 13th July 2007. Jai Jagannath, shot in Hindi and Oriya, is directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra. The movie has been translated into fifteen languages including English and Nepali.

The Oriya version of the movie is being dubbed into Assamese and Bengali. The Hindi version is being dubbed into other regional languages and English.

The story of Jai Jagannath is a statement against caste system and is based on Lakshmi Purana. Goddess Lakshmi helps her untouchable devotee to worship Lord Jagannath (Lord Krishna). But Lord Balram, Krishna’s elder brother, is not happy with it and this leads to the separation of Lord Jagannath and Lakshmi.

Without Lakshmi both Lord Vishnu and Lord Balram suffers and they decide to bring her back. But Lakshmi is adamant and will only return if all people irrespective of caste and creed are allowed to worship the Lord.

Sage Narada reveals in the end that the whole drama was played out purposefully by Lord Jagannath to end the caste discrimination on earth.