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Photo of Udupi Sri Krishna Idol – Pictures of Udupi Sri Krishna Murti

Below are the photos of Udupi Sri Krishna Idol that is worshipped in the famous Udupi SriKrishnaTemple in Karnataka. The pictures of the black stone murti of Sri Krishna are captivating.
Click on the image for a larger view:

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Simha Rashi Mantra in Hindi – Simha Rashi Mantra

Simha Rashi is the fifth among the 12 moon signs as per traditional Hindu astrology. This Simha Rashi Mantra in Hindi is the mool mantra and is chanted for overcoming all astrological related troubles that the Rashi person is facing.
The mantra can be chanted while performing daily prayers. The mantra is highly meritorious and helps in avoiding danger, getting jobs and solving marriage related problems.

Simha Rashi Mantra in Hindi

What Are The Food That Can Be Eaten During Navratri Fasting?

Traditional food like wheat, rice, pulses and most vegetables are not eaten during Navratri Fasting. So then what are the food eaten during Navratri fasting? Below is a list of food that that can be eaten during Navratri fasting:
Special rice for fasting (samak chawal) colocasia (arbi) Sago (sabudana) Buckwheat (kuttu) Water chestnut (singhara) Poppy seeds (khus khus) Popped lotus seeds (makhana) Nuts Seeds Coconut Potatoes Rock salt Salads Fruits Milk Yoghurt Water Coconut Water
Avoid frying and eating many of the above said items as it causes health troubles. Best option is to prepare these in less oil. Try to include more salads, juices, nuts, fruits, and water in your fasting diet.
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Navratri Tattoo Design

The latest craze during Navratri is Tattoo. It is more popular in Gujarat and majority of the Navratri tattoo design are temporary. Artists main create images of dandiya dancing posture, Sri Krishna and Radha, peacocks and dandiya sticks.
Tattoo artists charge from 250 to 2000 depending on the designs. As the design gets complex the charge increases.
Apart from the normal dandya raas tattoo other popular tattoos include butterfly, star, flowers, floral patterns, tribal designs and other symbols associated with Navratri.
One needs to be careful before deciding to get a tattoo done. Some people might develop skin allergy – rashes due to the paint used.
The tattoo is mainly depicted on back and hands.

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Chandraghanta Mata – Information about Goddess Chandraghanta

Chandraghanta Mata is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is the third among the Navadurgas and is worshipped on the thirdday during Navratri. Goddess Chandraghanta gets the name as on forehead there is a symbol of half moon.
Chandraghanta Mata is a three-eyed goddess and she has ten arms. She holds lotus, bow, arrow, sword, water pot, trident and mace. Two of her hands are in abhaya hasta and varada hasta. She rides a tiger.
The goddess has golden color and wears red color sari. She wears a garland made of white flowers and has a well-ornate crown.
Chandraghanta Mata is depicted as one who is ready for battle. Her roars awoke fear in demons.
Goddess Chandraghanta Mantra

Mother Sarada Devi – How to Love all Equally?

There was a child in Calcutta who gave a great deal of trouble to her family and always demanded attention. She used to visit Holy Mother with her own mother.
Whenever she entered the Mother’s room she clung to her. The Mother always gave her plenty of sweets to eat. Once Holy Mother was about to leave for Jayrambati and said to the little girl: ‘Darling, you have been visiting me a long time. Do you love me?’
‘Yes, I love you very much.’
‘How much?’
The girl stretched her arms as wide as she could and said: ‘That much.’ The Mother asked: ‘Will you still love me when I am away at Jayarambati?’
‘Yes, I will love you just the same. I shall not forget you.’
‘How shall I know it?’
‘What should I do to make you know?’
‘I shall be sure of your love for me if you can love everyone at home.’
‘All right, I will love all of them. I will not be naughty anymore.’
‘That’s very good. But how shall I know that you will love all equally, and not some more and some less?’
‘What should I do to love al…