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Mahagauri Mata – Goddess Mahagauri

Mahagauri Mata is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and this form is worshipped on the eighth day of Navratri. This is a benign and kind form of Durga. Goddess Mahagauri is the mother who nourishes and blesses her children. She is fair, she is happy, she is innocent and she wears white colored clothes.

Mahagauri Mata rides a white bull. She wears a crown with the markings of Chandra – moon god. She is four-armed. She holds trident and hourglass drum. Two of her hands are in Abhaya and Varada posture.

In some images, She is shown as holding conch, chakra, bow and arrow.

A striking feature is the bright light that emits from the precious stone that is part of her earrings.

Mahagauri Mata is propitiated for redemption of sins. She blesses her children that they never remain hungry. She is also worshipped for attaining peace and wealth.  She is also worshipped for early marriage.