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Ganesha Murti in Wood – Intact for 95 years

Shintre Family at Kurli in Chikkodi Taluk in Bellary in Karnataka prays to a Ganesh Murti made of wood. The murti is more than 95 years old. The murti has never been repainted or repaired. The wood is so exquisite that it has not faded nor has it developed any cracks.

Thousands of people visit the Ganesha Murti which is offered sarvajinik prayers during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Deccan Chronicle Reports

The Shintre family achieved great success in all business sectors they ventured into 95 years ago that made them retain the idol brought into their house the same year till now. 
The house where the Shintres have installed the idol is 150 years old where many generations of the family have stayed over the years. The idol was carved in  wood as per the Hindu calendar in 1840 (95 years ago). The date on which the idol was carved has been written on the idol. The wood is so exquisite that it has not faded at all, says Vijaykumar. 
Many villagers from Kurli have been regularly offering prayers to the idol. The Shintre family remembers the enthusiasm with which the Ganesha festival is being celebrated for the last eight to nine decades in Kurli. “We install another Ganesha idol alongside the wooden idol. On the 11th day of the festival, the other Ganesha idol is immersed as we want to keep the wooden Ganesha  intact,’’ adds Vijaykumar.